Trip Review for China


Situated in the central by north of Henan Province on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, known as the Mother River of the Chinese nation, Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan Province, and a political, economic, cultural and communications center of Henan. Zhengzhou has an area of 7,507 sq km and a population of 7.06 million.

Zhengzhou is a famous national historical and cultural city, an excellent tourism city of China, and the first well-planned city with a city wall in Chinese history. More than 3,600 years ago, King Tang of the Shang Dynasty founded his capital here, making it become the oldest verified capital city in China. A cradle of ancient civilization and one of the earliest civilized communities in China, Zhengzhou has natured the Chinese nation and its splendid culture.

As an ancient Chinese capital and a traditional trading center, Zhengzhou maintains abundant cultural heritage that reflects its glorious history as well as the culture of Henan Province. Rich in tourism resources, Zhengzhou boasts 26 key historical and cultural sites under state protection, and more than 100 tourism zones, such as scenic Songshan Mountain, the landscapes by the Yellow River, the hometown of Yellow Emperor, Zhengzhou Confucius Temple and Erqi Memorial Tower, which are all the world-renowned tourist attractions.

The best known tourist attraction is the Shaolin Temple, which is more than 50 miles southwest of downtown Zhengzhou. The Shaolin Temple is not only known as one of China’s important Buddhist shrines, but also as the ancient center of Chinese kung-fu. When the temple was built in 495, the temple was originally designed to house Batuo, a celebrated Indian monk, who, after many years of spreading Buddhism, was later known as Fo Tuo, or Grand Monk.

Zhengzhou is a city full of life and vitality, and an important tourism collecting and distributing center as well.

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