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Located in the extreme southmost Yunnan Province, Xishuangbanna dwells more than ten ethnic minorities :Dai, Hani, Bulang, Jinuo, etc, with a total population of 796,000, occupying an area of some 20,000 square kilometers.

There are. Among them, the Dai Nationality takes up one third in number. Xishuangbanna lies just below the Tropic of Cancer and the land is hilly with some mountains and deep valleys. Lancang River and its tributaries flow through the area. Indian Ocean monsoons bring in humid air and it is often windless.T he climate is ideal for plants and animals. One quarter of China’s faunal species and one sixth of its plant species are living and growing on this marvelously rich and fertile area.

Xishuangbanna lies to tropic humid region on the south of the tropic of cancer, It is abundant in heat, mild and evergreen all the year round, featured with a delightful temperature in four seasons, the autumn falls once it rains, so the distinguish of seasons are rainy and dry seasons yearly, the rainy season lasts 5 months and dry season lasts 7months. Because of in possession of China’s 1/4 faunas and 1/6 floras, it is a veritable “Animal Kingdom” and “Vegetable Kingdom”.

The greater Xishuangbanna tourist region is composed of three parts: Jinghong scenic region, Menghai scenic region and Mengla scenic region, totally 19 scenic areas and more than 800 scenic spots. Xishuangbanna was ratified as one of the first national key scenic resorts in China by the State Council on October 8, 1982. Now Banna has created its tourism brand successfully themed on rain forest, winter resort, mystical folk-custom and harmonious homeland.

Along with the implementation of the Outline of the Program for Reform and Development of Yunnan Tourism Industry, tourism of Xishuangbanna meets new chances of upgrading development, for instance: Xishangbanna is emphasized by Yunnan Province as one of five featured cross-border tourist regions and one of 5-10 routes for self-driving tour, and meanwhile Menglu town, Gasa towm, the winter resort, Jinghong Dadugang tea plantation and JInghong JIangxin Dashaba wetland are ranked into 50 major projects of holidays &relaxation by Yunnan Province.

Welcome to Xishuangbanna, a wonderful winter resort for northern tourists, destination for Southeast Asian Dais seeking roots, paradise for returning to nature, enjoying natural oxygen space and pursuing health, perfect terminal for cuisine and shopping, as well as happy land for a joyful lifestyle!

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