Trip Review for China


Xiamen lies on the southeastern coast of China. It covers an area of 1,569 sq km and has a population of 1.68 million. It is a well-known overseas Chinese homeland, a native place of Taiwanese and a traditional foreign trade port.

Xiamen Overview

Xiamen is rich in tourism resources. Its unique island landscapes, comfortable subtropical climate, brilliant history and culture, wonderful customs of overseas Chinese homeland are attracting more and more overseas tourists.

As an essential harbor city in the southeastern coastal area of China, Xiamen is reputed as “city on the sea and the sea contained in the city”. The sanitary city environment and rich source of food attract numerous visitors to the city. A large stretch of deep weswater within the boundary of the city is surrounded by mountains, making it an excellent warm-water port. Outside the port are many beautiful islands.

Xiamen won the “UN Habitat Scroll of Honor” award for its pleasant natural environment, comfortable climate and harmonious life. Its tourist facilities are very good. Among the better known tourist attractions are Gulang Islet, which is known as the “Marine Garden” because of its picturesque landscapes. Many overseas Chinese have their roots in Xiamen, and they often come back to visit their friends and relatives in Xiamen.

Xiamen boasts its cuisines, and local dishes are mainly seafood and vegetarian dishes with well-mixed flavors. Each dish has its unique color, taste, and form. Local snacks include Bamboo shoot jelly is worth a good taste.

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