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Tibet Plateau Travel Tips

For people live in low altitude areas (particularly the areas lower than 1,000m), they will have high altitude sickness due to the lower oxygent content in the air. Having some light symptoms such as dizzy and headache is the first impression of the Tibet plateau for the tourists, which is also a special experience for the tourists.

Just as the way that the tourists learn the culture, geography, folk customs of their travelling destinations in many ways, they should also prepare well for their trip to the plateau and properly view and treat high altitude sickness.

(1)Have an overall health examination for the trip to the plateau and make choice or adjustment according to the suggestions made by doctors.

(2)In addition to those commonly used medicines, take some medicines like Highltitude Comfort, hodiola and American ginseng which may improve the oxygent supply system and adjust and protect the metabolic imbalance caused by the plateau environment. Don’t get cold before departure and guarantee the quality and time of sleeping. To take some medicines of Chinese caterpillar, rhodiola and western ginseng after arriving at Tibet, which may help to alleviate fatigue and increase the immunization.

(3)Don’t arrange any tour scheduel on the first day of arrival. Eat and drink properly and don’t be immoralate eating and drinking. Drink lots of water. Drink a little or not drink alcohol. If feeling strong headache before sleeping, take oxygen for 30 to 60 minutes.

II Experiece the Temperature Difference in Tibet and the Solutions

It is warm with strong sunshine in the day and it is cold with wind in the evening at the tourist destinations on the plateau, which makes the difference of temperature between the day and evening is over 10°C .The places on the plateau are nice resorts in summer. Before departure, the weather information should be learned and the following articles should be prepared.

1 What to bring (for regular trip on the plateau)

—From November to April, warm clothes are needed.

—From May to November, clothes for spring and autumn need to be prepared(the elder and people who are in relatively poor health condition should prepare warm undergarment.)

—Sport shoes.

—Sunglasses and sun-helmet.

—Sun block cream (SPF20+) and lipbalm (against soreness and burning)

2 Please follow the daily weather forecast of scenic spots broadcasted on Tibet TV, which is specially produced by Tourism Administration of the Tibetan Autonomous Region for tourists.

Special attentions when in the Plateau

Ⅲ Wise Step by Step Tourism Programs

To be fit during the tour is the precondition for having a good experience of the plateau. To choose a step by step program may help the tourists better enjoy their trips.

1.To come to Tibet by train from Lanzhou, or Xining, or Golmud is a good option to get used to the high altitude gradually.

2.To return to other parts of China from Lhasa by train is also a good choice to overcome the symptom of having too much oxygen at the low altitude areas.

3If coming to Tibet by air, the flight from Chengdu to Nyingchi is the best choice for tourists. The altitude of Nyingchi Airport is 2,950m. The airport is surrounded with mountains and rivers with enough oxygen, which is also the lowest airport in Tibet (among the airports of similar conditions, the altitude of Gyeltang is 3,200m, that of Huanglong Airport at Jiuzhai is 3,400m and that of Chamdo Airport is 4,300m).

4.To take flights to Lhasa from Xining, or Kuming or Gyeltang are good options because the altitude of the three places is higher than 1,500m.

5.To depart from Sanshili Camp along Xinjiang-Tibet Highway, or Dram and Nyalam along Sino-Nepalese Highway, or Golmud along Qinghai-Tibet Highway, or Dege along Sichuan-Tibet Highway, or Dechin along Yunnan-Tibet Highway are also some good options to get to Tibet in a step by step way.

The operation of Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Nyingchi Airport give strong backup to the above mentioned programs. In light of the psycological and psysiological needs of tourists, travel agencies are encouraged to introduce the best tour programs in order to help tourists minimize the effects of high altitude sickness. The scenic spots such as the Mt. Qomolangma and Namtso which are higher than 4,500m are arranged after tourists get used to the altitude. The FIT tourists should also adopt such gradual and step by step travelling programs

Such step by step package tours are wise options, which is also a guarantee for the high quality tour.

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