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Three Essential Factors of Chinese Cooking

Chinese dishes emphasize three vital factors: color, aroma, and taste, which are criteria to judge an excellent dish. The color of Chinese food, the first of these factors which is so evident in a Chinese banquet, includes the layout and design of the dishes, best exemplified in particular by the large elaborately-prepared cold dishes served at the beginning of the dinner. Attractive appearance of the Chinese food increases the appetite. Chinese give a lot of importance to the aesthetics of food. Red, yellow, white, blue and black are the prime colors that is used in the food. The main principle of Chinese food is to have a bright and harmonious color. The color of the dish arouses appetite of people. The Cuisine is also decorated with different colors to give a final touch to the food. Chinese give a lot of importance in maintaining the natural color and freshness to their foods.

Three essential factors of Chinese cooking

Aroma implies more than what’s one nose can detect directly, it also includes the freshness of the raw materials used and the blending of seasoning. The Chinese give a lot of importance to the smell of food. Chinese dishes specially have five different aromas. Five spices are Chinese cinnamon, clove, chilly, fennel and aniseed. These species help in creating a pleasant smell of non-vegetable foods like fish and mutton. They also use garlic, ginger, sesame oil, shallot and a special type of cooking wine to add a good flavor to their foods. The Spices increase appetite and they give their best efforts to remove any odd smells from their foods. Chinese foods are colorful and every dish is prepared with three to four different colors.

Taste is the art of proper seasoning, though it also involves the texture of the food and fine slicing skills. The Soul of Chinese food lies in its great taste depending on the choice of the person. Chinese taste can be of five different types namely bitter, sour, salty, hot and sweet. Different regions in China have different tastes in their food. People inhabiting the southern part prefer having sweet dishes. They add a lot of sugar in their food. One of the famous sweet foods of this region is “Jiangsu” and it is one of the famous eight cuisines in Chinese food. Eastern food is characterized with hot taste, Sour taste for the west and salty for the northern region. People-inhabiting regions of Gubei, Guizhou, Hunan and Sichuan add lots of Chilly giving the taste of spice in their food. Northern people and people in the regions of Guangxi, Shanxi and Fujian go for foods with sour flavor.

Chinese foods consist of a number of Cold and delicious hot dishes. The foods are prepared in different way and served on different occasions. The aroma, wonderful taste and diversified colors make Chinese food as one of the best Cuisines in the world. It will not be wrong to say that marvelous taste and appearance of the Cuisines contributes to a rich part in their food culture. Chinese cuisine is popular and people consider it as the best Cuisine through out the world. It is enjoyed by more than one third of the world population.

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