Trip Review for China


Shenzhen is a narrow and a long city, 81.4 km long from east to west and 10.8 km at the narrowest spot from south to north. It is a major city in the south of Southern China’s Guangdong Province, situated immediately north of Hong Kong. The area became China’s first—and one of the most successful—Special Economic Zones.

Although little visited by international tourists, Shenzhen is a popular destination for Chinese domestic tourists. They were originally attracted by its famous theme parks but as the city has developed and become richer they are increasingly drawn by Shenzhen’s famous architecture, shopping, bars, restaurants and active art scene. Shenzhen’s beaches have become famous throughout China. In 2006, the Dapeng Peninsula, the location of Shenzhen’s best beaches, was nominated by the China National Geographic Magazine as one of the most beautiful coastlines in China. Visitors are also starting to recognize some fascinating historical sites, particularly those related to the Hakka culture and Hong Kong’s annexation after the Opium Wars, which are scattered throughout the suburban area.

From a climate perspective, the best time to visit Shenzhen is October to December when the weather is pleasantly cool. Shenzhen has a sub-tropical climate with incredibly high humidity combined with soaring temperatures in the summer. For many, this is a season to avoid. The long intense summer also coincides with the typhoon season from June to October. Spring is cooler but is often afflicted by fog and heavy thunderstorms.

Shenzhen, a beautiful coastal city, stands against mountains and faces the sea. The winding Dapeng Bay has a coastline of more than 230 km, linking the Greater Meisha, Lesser Meisha, Xichong, Diefu, Shulshatou and Xlyong white beaches together. The Shenzhen Reservoir and Xili and Xiangmi lakes have quiet and beautiful environment and are good places for tours and holidays. This newly developing city is clean and nice all the year round. Natural landscape matches quite well with its buildings. Many theme amusement centers are also feature tourist attractions. Shenzhen has become one of the hot tourist destinations in China.

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