Trip Review for China

Get you a beautiful Chinese name for only 3 US$ , authentic, not auto-generated


If you are planning a trip to China, or are interested in Chinese culture, you probably do want to get a Chinese name. How to get one? You might do all of these:

  • Make one up yourself.
  • Use some sort of auto-generator to create a name.
  • Ask non-native speakers to make one up.

But it’s just a bad idea for a number of reasons:

  • You end up with a name that just doesn’t sound nice or flow.
  • You end up with a nonsense name.
  • You end up with a ridiculous / funny name (which is very possible).

People may ask like “here is my English name ____ – how do I write it in Chinese?” or “can you convert my English name _____ into Chinese?”  There are actually standard Chinese ‘versions’ of European names. They sound similar to the original names, but they’re never as good as an authentic, genuine Chinese name. Anyway, you can get one from us for free.

Obviously your preferences will vary, but we would recommend something that fits these:

  • Isn’t an obvious “foreigner” name like 史密斯 , 比尔 , 约翰 etc.
  • Isn’t too unusual or ostentatious.
  • Is just a nice-sounding, genuine name.

Here are some good examples for your reference:

1 Michael Clauss   慕贤 柯
(German Ambassador to China)
慕(Mù,sounds similar to Michael)贤(Xián) 柯(Ke, sounds similar to Clauss)
“慕贤” means ‘to admire the sagacious‘.
2 J. Stapleton Roy   效俭 芮
(Former US Ambassador to China)
效(Xiào)俭(Jiǎn) 芮(Ruì sounds similar to Roy)
‘效俭’ means ‘to follow the frugal‘.
3 Jean-Jacques de Dardel   尚贤 戴
(Swiss Ambassador to China)
尚(Shàng, sounds similar to Jean )贤(Xián) 戴(Dài, sounds similar to Dardel)
‘尚贤’ means  ‘to admire the sagacious‘.
4 Geoff Raby   捷锐 芮
(Australian Ambassador to China)
捷(Jié, sounds similar to Geoff)锐(Ruì) 芮(Ruì, sounds similar to Raby)
‘捷锐’ means ‘to be fast and keen‘.
5 Barbara Woodward   百纳 吴
(British Ambassador to China)
百(Bǎi, sounds similar to Barbara)纳(Nà) 吴(Wú, sounds similar to Woodward)
‘百纳’ comes from a chinese idiom meaning ‘tolerant to diversity‘.
6 John King Fairbank   正清 费
(American sinologist, historian)
正(Zhèng, sounds similar to John)清(Qīng, sounds similar to King) 费(Fèi, sounds similar to Fairbank)
‘正清’ means ‘to be upright and clean‘.

All you have to do now is click the button below and your unique beautiful Chinese name, already enjoyed by hundreds of fans of  Chinese culture, will be shipped to you per email within 24 hours,together with the meanings and pronuciations of all characters. If you have any thoughts on your Chinese name, regarding pronuciation, meaning or anything else, let us know at the ‘Comment:’ part when you process the payment.

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