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Classic China Tours

Classic China Tours, include China’s “must see” sights and the most popular destinations among first-time travelers to China. From the imposing splendor of the Great Wall to the mysteries of the fascinating Forbidden City and the lavish Summer Palace in Beijing, the Bund of modern Shanghai, the captivating Terra-cotta Warriors Museum in ancient Xi’an, the spectacular beauty of the Li River in Guilin to the mighty Yangtze River. These tours will show you a major selection of the historic, cultural and picturesque destinations in China with the most agreeable arrangement and pace. Classic China tour packages are good choices for tourists who come to China for the first time.


8 Days China Classic tour

Beijing Xian Shanghai

Price from $ 1064

This is an ideal experience for a short-time traveler in China. The imperial Forbidden City and the Great Wall in historical Beijing, the remarkable Terracotta Warriors Museum in Xian and the famous Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai are all elements of a worthy journey into the ancient soul of this civilization of 5,000 years.

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11 Days Experience China Tour

Beijing  Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Shanghai

Price from $1446

Eager to experience both the history and nature of China in one tour? Join us in this 11-day China Experience Tour now! Whether you are an ancient-civilization freak or an extreme-sports fanatic, this trip has something truly special in store for you. This tour allows you to fulfill your dream of taking a deep breath on the majestic Great Wall in Beijing, enjoying the Qin Terracotta Army in Xi’an, cruising along the Li River in Guilin, and shopping in Shanghai.

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11 Days Best Yangtze River Cruise Tour

Beijing  Xian ChongqingYichang  Shanghai

Price from $1544

What the first destination will flash into your mind when you are planning to visit China? The mysterious Great Wall in Beijing? The remarkable Terracotta Warriors in Xian? Or the romantic Bund in Shanghai? You will see them all in this 11-day tour. And of course, we will offer you a comfortable 3-night cruise along the mighty Yangtze River on one of the Three Gorges’ top-rated floating hotels. You’ll definitely be captivated by the sheer spectacle of your trip through the famous Three Gorges, and awe-struck by the modern engineering marvel of the Three Gorges Dam.

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12 Days China Golden Essence Tour

Beijing  Xian Shanghai GuilinYangshuo Guilin Hong Kong

Price from $ 2176

Our China Essence Tour route is an ideal introduction to the ageless wonders of China and provides a memorable vacation. It includes the country’s best-known cities and most famous sites, the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, the Bund of Shanghai, and those magical Karst limestone hills of Guilin. These are the very things that the first time tourist comes to see. The route gives the traveler a good example of what China travel has to offer. From this basis, travel agents can begin to add excursions to other tourist cities such as Suzhou and Chengdu. Whether you are planning a basic tour to China, or a longer trek through the country, this route is the best to begin your exploration of China. To complete the experience, the “Heaven of Food and Shopping”, Hong Kong, offers the best opportunities for relaxation with luxury hotels, exquisite food, vibrant nightlife and fascinating and charming souvenirs to take home.

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12 Days China Panda Tour

Shanghai  Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Chengdu Xian Beijing

Price from $ 1652

This 12 day China tour of Shanghai Guilin Chengdu Xian Beijing, combines the nostalgic residence of the Xintiandi, the classic Yuyuan Garden with the timeless landscapes of the Li River in Guilin. We also spend some time in Sichuan Province, home to some of the country’s spiciest cuisine, and the Giant Panda. In Sichuan’s charming capital, Chengdu, we will mix with the locals in the People Park and visit the Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Steep in historic and cultural Xian before heading to Beijing where your journey ends.

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13 Days from Li River to the Yangtze Tour

Beijing  Xian Guilin  Yangshuo Guilin ChongqingYichang  Shanghai

Price from $ 1791

This trip is the taste of river lovers. The Yangtze River is famous for its length and grandeur as well as its important role in Chinese history and culture, while the Li River is reputed for its serenity and grace. These two rivers have been the dream for many International friends who want to visit China for a long time. From Li River to the Yangtze, you will know the magical power of water.

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21 Days China Panorama Tour

Beijing  Xian Lhasa  ChongqingYichang  Shanghai  Suzhou  Hangzhou  Guilin Yangshuo  Guilin  Hong Kong

Price from $ 3626

Rich in cultural relics and natural resources, wanna travel through China to appreciate its most popular landscapes, to discover its inner spirit in one time? So come with TCT, this 21 days China discovery tour will match your needs. From inner land to coastal city, from royal Beijing to bustling HK, from cultural Xian, Tibet to picturesque Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guilin, plus a cruise on the mighty Yangtze River…all around China. During the journey, you can enjoy the brilliant Palaces, magnificent City Walls, Holy Monasteries and crystal clear streams; you can touch the common folk’s life by a Hutong visiting; you can walk along the river Bund, etc. Do not forget to bring your camera, to record that wonderful time.

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6 Days Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Train Tour

Beijing    Shanghai

Price from $ 536

6 days tours, from Beijing to Shanghai, to visit the time-honored historical relics, to appreciate the wonders of modern architectures and, to experience the new high-techno transportation way. Take a tour in Beijing, we give you magnificent Great Wall, imperial Palaces and living Hutongs, which recall the brilliant ancient glories. But a High Speed Train riding just pulls you back to 21st century. Welcome to the Metropolis of the Orient – Shanghai – a city walking between tradition and modernity. Just a glimpse, you will tough its fashionable manner and taste its unique petty bourgeois complex. Come and join this 6 days tour, to witness and compare the ancient and the new with Chinatripreview.

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7 Days Eastern China Tour

Shanghai  Tongli Water Town  Suzhou  Hangzhou  Shanghai

Price from $ 818

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7 Days Beijing Xian Tour

Beijing  Xian

Price from $ 618

In this 7 days tour you will visit two ancient cities and the main destinations of China – Beijing and Xian. Beijing, as the political and cultural center of China, is always a spotlight that attracts people touring there for its grand Great Wall, royal Forbidden City and living Hutong, etc. Xian, a typical historical city with time-honored spots like the famous Terracotta Warriors and thick City Wall…but its keynote seems more obscure and internal. Want to find out the real faces of those two cities? Come and join this 7 days tour to Beijing and Xian!

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8 Days Best Getaway to China Tour

Beijing Shanghai Hong Kong

Price from $ 1534

Your days will be filled with the world-famous sights in Beijing and learning about their fascinating history, as well as the dynamic spirit of Shanghai and Hong Kong with their perfect blend of East and West, and old and new. Try to find out that Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are more than just big cites, they are the part of your unique memory of China.

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9 Days Elite Southern China Tour

Guangzhou  Guilin  Yangshuo  Guilin  Shenzhen Hong Kong

Price from $ 1024

This 9 Days China Family Tour covers the most classic tourism cities of southern China – Guangzhou, Guilin, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. People will have chance to enjoy their different charm in one time. Let’s begin your travel with a short visit to Guangzhou, this traditional city, capital de la gastronomie. Then appreciate the crystal-clear Li River of Guilin, a small city which is famous for its picturesque landscapes. While Shenzhen afterwards, a busy economical district, but also a new sprouting tourism city. Then you will come to Hong Kong, this cosmopolitan city, a vibrant destination with tremendous appeal for the discerning traveler. Go and find their inner tone beneath.

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10 Days Tour to The Most Famous Cities of China

Beijing Xian Shanghai Hong Kong

Price from $ 1866

Chinatripreview believe that journey is as important as the destinations. Although Beijing, Xian, Shanghai and Hong Kong are the choices for almost every traveler to China, they remain perfect ones for YOU only. Thirsting for a real understanding of China? Then join us to experience first-hand the old and the new.

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12 Days China Highlight Tour

Beijing    XianXian    Guilin    Yangshuo    Guilin    Hangzhou   Wuzhen    Hangzhou   Shanghai

Price from $ 1707

This would be really an ideal experience for a traveler who wants to know more about China. From royal Beijing to ancient Xian, you will have chance to appreciate the brilliant cultural relics and touch the ancient glory of this civilization of 5,000 years. Afterthat, towards Guilin and Hangzhou, you will find the different beauty of those southern cities, more relaxing and delicacy. End up your travel with the short stay in Shanghai, this old but modern city of the very country.

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12 Days Impression China Golden Route Tour

Shanghai Beijing  Xian Guilin Yangshuo Guilin Hong Kong

Price from $ 2030

This 11 days tour covers 5 of the most popular tourism cities of China, is an ideal choose for travelers who wanna take a glimpse of this grand country both on its culture and nature in a certain time. During the tour, you can also experience the new high speed train transfer. Start your exploration from Shanghai, a city walking between tradition and modernity. . Then the High Speed Train will lead you to the imperial city Beijing, you can focus on its grand city wall, palaces and temples. Then it comes the ancient Xian. There’s so many time-honored relics waiting for you, but never miss the Terracotta Warriors. Before heading to multi-culture Hong Kong, crystal clear Li River and magical Karst limestone hills of Guilin are calling you.

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14 Days China Best-known Tourism Cities Experience

Shanghai      Tongli    Suzhou   Hangzhou   Guilin   Yangshuo  Guilin  Xian   Beijing

Price from $ 1846

After a tour to modern city Shanghai, this tour will focus on a photograph journey to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guilin, to appreciate the marvelous natural landscape there. From serenity West Lake to crystal clear Li River, from peaceful water towns to serenity Karst hills…Continue your visit to Xian and Beijing, just like enter another world, which lighten with ancient glories. We give you magnificent Great Wall, Palaces and grand Qin Terracotta Army…What’s more? Come with us, to walk between nature and culture, to memorize all the natural and cultural treasures of China.

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14 Days Experience the Nature and the Culture

Shanghai      Tongli    Suzhou   Hangzhou   Guilin   Yangshuo  Guilin  Xian   Beijing

Price from $ 1846

After a tour to modern city Shanghai, this tour will focus on a photograph journey to Suzhou, Hangzhou and Guilin, to appreciate the marvelous natural landscape there. From serenity West Lake to crystal clear Li River, from peaceful water towns to serenity Karst hills…Continue your visit to Xian and Beijing, just like enter another world, which lighten with ancient glories. We give you magnificent Great Wall, Palaces and grand Qin Terracotta Army…What’s more? Come with us, to walk between nature and culture, to memorize all the natural and cultural treasures of China.

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15 Days Spotlighting the 6 Cities

Beijing  Xian  Lhasa  Shanghai  Guilin  Yangshuo  Guilin   Hong Kong

Price from $ 3985

In this 15 days tour, you will experience 6 different cities to discover their cultural and natural beauty, to explore their unique inner tone. Begin your tour with a visit to royal Beijing, to witness its majestic Great Wall and Palace Palace…Can you hear the stories they are telling? Then flight to Xian, to feel the solemn manner of Terracotta Warriors, a myth in reality. Lhasa is waiting for you to discover its faithful land and heavey historial accumulations – Potala Palace or Sera Monastery, bearing too much. Shanghai, a modern city as your next destination, but after a visiting to the Jade Buddha Temple and Yuyuan Garden, you will know it still well remains its past under the skyscrapers. Then, picturesque Guilin, which is famous for the crystal-clear Li River is calling you before heading to your last destination – Hong Kong, a real cosmopolitan walking between traditional and modernity.

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One Month Tour to China

Beijing  Xian Jiuzhaigou Airport Huanglong Jiuzhaigou Valley Jiuzhaigou Airport Chengdu Lhasa  Shangri-La Lijiang  Dali  Kunming  Chongqing Yichang  Shanghai  Huangshan Hangzhou  Guilin  Yangshuo Guilin Hong Kong

Price from $ 6471

Planning a one-month tour in China or wanting to spend one month holiday in China? Top China Travel offers you a One Month Tour to China itinerary for your reference. This 34 Days China tour will let you have an in-depth view of this profound oriental country. From the ancient capitals Beijing and Xian to the mysterious place Lhasa, from the fairyland Jiuzhaigou Valley to the lost horizon Yunnan, from the majestic Yangtze River to the crystal Li River, also couldn’t miss the modern metropolis Shanghai and Hong Kong, we promise it will be an unforgettable month in your whole life!

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6 Days Beijing Shanghai Tour

Beijing  Shanghai

Price from $ 594

Take this 6 Day China Tour with TopChinaTravel and immerse yourself in the hospitality of Beijing and Shanghai, China’s premier cities. Witness and compare the ancient and the new. The Palaces, Temples, Tombs, Great Wall and historic Hutongs of Beijing will take you to times past. All the while, China will be in festive mood, and you’ll be a welcome guest. End up your tour in Beijing, The Metropolis of the Orient calls you; vital, awe-inspiring Shanghai, one of the world great cities, with a colorful past, a ‘can not wait’ present and a dynamism driving it to World-leader status as a major international financial and trading centre. Happy time always passes too fast. But we know you will be back.

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