Trip Review for China

Tibet Plateau Travel Tips

For people live in low altitude areas (particularly the areas lower than 1,000m), they will have high altitude sickness due to the lower oxygent content in the air. Having some light symptoms such as dizzy and headache is the first impression of the Tibet plateau for the tourists, which is … Continue Reading →

Tibet travel Permit

There are overall four documents required for foreign tourists who want to travel freely in Tibet. One is the Chinese Visa, which you can apply for in Chinese Embassy in your country, one is Tibet Permit (See the copy at the bottom), which you have to obtain it in advance … Continue Reading →


China’s hotel industry can trace its roots to an earlier age of daks and inns, and over the years the hotel industry has been evolving in order to accommodate the needs of a rapidly changing society. Over the last several years, tourism in China has been growing by leaps and … Continue Reading →

Drinking Water & Food

Unlike most western countries, the tap water in China is unsuitable for drinking unless it is boiled. When you travel to China, you can get free drinking water from hotels and from restaurants. The most convenient and safe way is to buy purified bottled water from stores. Drinking Water in … Continue Reading →

Tips for Travelling along the Silk Road

Getting Acquainted Different places have different characteristics, so there will be something you’d better to pay attention to.When travelling along the Silk Road, there are some useful tips for you. Language While traveling along the Silk Road, the visitor can encounter about 20 different nationalities (ethnic groups) some of which, … Continue Reading →