Trip Review for China

Lacquer Carving

Lacquer works saw its peak time again during the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. This period saw lacquer works changed into pure artworks and their production techniques attained the highest level of perfection, with a variety of new techniques developed including what was known to experts as “lacquer carving”. Glory … Continue Reading →

Bamboo, Wooden, Ivory and Animal Horn Articles

Among bamboo carvings produced in ancient China, the earliest are those excavated from a tomb of the West Han period. Fragmented bamboo carvings have been found in tombs belonging to the West Xia Dynasty that once ruled parts of northern China. Bamboo carvings are documented in classic literature produced after … Continue Reading →

Purple Clay Teapots

Purple clay teapot is a distinguished kind of pottery with decorative patterns. You can find the best purple clay teapot in Yixiang City, Jiangsu Province, where porcelain clay, in diverse colors including purple, purplish red and green, is exceptionally fine and highly plastic. What makes the purple clay teapot stand … Continue Reading →