Trip Review for China

Painted Porcelain

Blue flower porcelain objects are recognized as of the greatest artistic value among what is broadly referred to as “painted porcelain” of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. In producing such an object, pictures were drawn on the roughcast with a mineral paint rich in cobalt before the roughcast was … Continue Reading →

Characteristics of Ming-style Furniture

Meticulous attention to selection of materials is a most salient feature of Mingstyle furniture. Pieces that have survived to our time are all produced with quality hard timber. Yellow rosewood was always the first choice. Of the 160 pieces in the Collection of the Best Ming-Style Furniture compiled in the … Continue Reading →

Indoor Furnishing

The house furniture were placed in a relatively fixed way during the Ming-Qing period. The main hall, sitting room, bedrooms and study in a house are typically fitted with pairs of furniture pieces placed in symmetrical order. In a chamber, the long table or bed that faces the door is … Continue Reading →

Prehistory Lacquer Ware

The earliest lacquer ware in China is in fact a wooden bowl produced about 7,000 years ago, which was unearthed from ruins of the Hemudu culture in Zhejiang Province. Bits of red paint on the inside bowl are seen, which was identified as a kind of raw lacquer.   From … Continue Reading →

Initial Period of Boom for Lacquer Working

There are lacquer works unearthed in many parts of China, including in Beijing, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu and Anhui, which are served as material evidence to the initial period of boom for of lacquer working development. Lacquer working peaked during the Warring States period, coinciding with a decline of … Continue Reading →