Trip Review for China

Embroidered Shoes

Embroidered Shoes, also called Embroidery Shoes, is a perfect combination of the shoe culture and embroidery art. This unique handicraft of Chinese nation is deeply rooted in the national culture and functions as an article for daily use. It is reputed as “Chinese shoes”. As early as 5,000 years ago, … Continue Reading →

Hats with Meanings

In the thick forest of the Grand and Small Xing An Moutain in China, there live E’lunchun people who use animal fur to make clothes for generations. Elunchun people’s clothes are almost all made of roe fur. In autumn and winter, they use roe captured in autumn and winter, which … Continue Reading →

Shawls and the Back Wrapping Cloth

The “Wearing stars and moons” or “Seven stars shawl” indicates the lambskin shawl of Naxi women. It is usually made by a complete piece of lambskin and sewed with black wool cloth edgings of 6 cm wide. At the two shoulder parts, two round plates are embroidered using silk threads … Continue Reading →

Ethnic Minority Styles

In as early as the Warring States Period, the sixth emperor of Zhao already realized that although the Zhao army had better weapons, the long robes worn by generals and warriors were too cumbersome for an army, especially when they had to drag their armors and supplies around. They had … Continue Reading →

Beizi: A Song Style Garment

The most commonly found garment of the Song Dynasty is the beizi , a front closure overcoat that is not fastened in front so that the inner coat is shown. The beizi can be in different lengths – above the knee, below the knee, or ankle length. The sleeves can … Continue Reading →