Trip Review for China

Oracle Bone Inscriptions

It is difficult to ascertain exactly how old Chinese characters are. The geometric designs on the 5,000-7,000- year-old pottery of the Yangshao culture discovered at Yangshao Village in the 1920s may be the embryo of Chinese characters. The following 2,000-3,000 years is a blank period for the development of Chinese … Continue Reading →

Unique Chinese Characters

Chinese characters, in general, are composed of a dozen basic strokes, which have similar functions to the letters of the Western languages. But they do not combine sounds into syllables. There are eight basic strokes: dot, horizontal stroke, turning stroke, vertical stroke, hook stroke, rightupward stroke, left-downward stroke and rightdownward … Continue Reading →

Four Treasures of the Study

Four Treasures of the Study (or Four Friends of the Study) refers to brush, ink, paper and ink stone used in Chinese and other East Asian calligraphic traditions. The “four treasures of the study” plays a key role in the development of the calligraphic art. Four Treasures of the Study … Continue Reading →

Beauty of the Whole Work

Calligraphy critics always comment on the whole work before studying its parts in detail. The critic moves from the whole work to the details, and then from the details to the whole work again. Beauty of the Whole Work The most important thing concerning the composition of a calligraphic work … Continue Reading →

Reflection of Excellent Skills Beyond the Work

As the standards for assessing calligraphic works are strict, people find calligraphy easy to learn but difficult to master. Beginners should practice following model books, which can be obtained in any bookstore. But you should select one according to your own interests. You should follow the models closely. This is … Continue Reading →